My passion started from childhood, I still remember those festive Sundays when I was walking around my grandmother’s cookers; I still feel those scents and smells on me, even today, they give me the inspiration to create my dishes. I come from Tuscany, where I started working when I was 15 years old in a local trattoria, after studying the Hotel institute. My first experience abroad took place in Paris, where I worked for two years with distinguished chefs. I was only 23 years old, after an experience in Formentera, when I returned to Tuscany to start opening a small vintage restaurant on the sea that, in a few months, became one of the best of the Riviera. I stayed there for a year, then decided to go back to France, but in the south, in the Luberon (Provence), where I met one of the most renowned female chefs in France who changed my approach to cooking. Things began to turn seriously, immersed in nature; we only treated products from our high quality garden, processed using new techniques.

Spain called again and I was ready for a new adventure, the Roca Brothers were opening their first restaurant in Barcelona, I joined them and focused on learning more and more techniques. After all, it is all about techniques. After a few months Sergi Arola asked me to be his second. Obviously I immediately accepted the proposal, considering him one of the revolutionaries of Spanish and international cuisine. I remained at his side for eight years, growing more and more as a chef as much as a person, and paved my way to the world by giving me the possibility to take care of his projects all over Europe and abroad. Here I am, today, passionate and dedicated, finally a gourmet. In my opinion now, to be a great Chef one needs the perfect combination of creativity, constancy and technique, all tied to simplicity. Growing up in the countryside I learnt that the pillar of cooking is the product, when it’s fresh and seasonal, I need no more to create a dish. I love the rule of the few elements, to be enhanced through the techniques learnt all over the world.



NunaSoulfood dedicates space to the mixology from the collective called 80­.20ml, founded by Matias Sarlì and whose concept is inspired by Pareto’s theory. 80­.20 ml creates for Nuna soulfood a menu of cocktails inspired by the essence and aromas of plants and natural flowers. Create pure alchemy. Create to excite “One of the secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others.